Friday, May 29, 2009

my visitor from japan!

whos this beautiful girl!!!

HANAE in NY!!!

she stayed in NY only one night on business.
weve been known each other since we were 17!!!


i had a tought time with my boy at that time,,
so girl you made my day.

we need to meet MORE OFTEN!! yeah we DO meet sometimes,actually much more often than other friends back in my country.
i just cant get enough!!!


we went out for lunch @Juniors in TS
of course we had THE cheese cake!

oh you ve never tried before?
y9ou better DO!!!

we went shopping around penn station.
that was a lot of fun.

the hotel she was stayin at were
GORGEOUS as hell!!
i got a nie souvenir,which is the thing i cant mention here...
i hace to keep it secret though...

thanks for your ti me hanae.
come and visit me here in NY!!
im dying to meet you

bless you

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

drinkin does really help our depression???

what ever...
we need to drink
to forget about something...
to feel comfortable
to have fun.,...etc etc

when you feel like drinking,where you like to go?

here is our first bar discovery in chinatown close to the columbus park

lets drink
chinese beer!!!

however,,,i was drining vodca all night ...because i like it.
ohhhh my finlandia!!!!

and the bar is also,,,


alexa asked me to sing!forced me to sing...nonono
i dont feel like,,,NOn NO....i WONT!!!!

she kept asking me again and again,
aite aite

finally i sang 3 songs in total!!
i was totally having fun yo...

thank you guys
i felt much better.

tomorrow is better day

bless you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

check em out!

the other day,me and my roommate Alexa got nails and pedicures!!

we found a really nice place in our neighborhood,CHINATOWN!
hmmm i forgot the address ,,,,
thats located ,,,along elizabeth and,,,something...

we got both of them and it cost only about 30$$!!!!!

you hear me?
if you wanna get the info about this store let me know.

i got french nails and look at hers!with a lil flower on it.sooo cute!

after that we went shopping and
we got hungry...

what we got in the fridge?

i got nuddles

i got some scallions

thats all we have???

seems like
then we went to the restaurant close to our apt.
along bayard st

the pork and crab soup dumpling was amazing!!
we were full.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

video shoot

i joined the video shoot the other day in brooklyn.

he is an amazing artist,Lion Melta!

new music video of the song "borderline"

actually i really like this song.

One of my friends,he and Lion's producer have known each other.
thats why i was there.
and, i used to live a couple blocks away from the spot.

Find me in the video

ciao ;-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

finally i created my own blog


finally i did it.!!!!!!!
it was much easier than i expected.well,basically i dont know nothing about computer...

i have mixi and myspace(not facebook) and i have kept tellin myself to have my own blog.
now im sooo happy.
i havent even started yet,but i m already satisfied.

have a wonderful day********

love :-D