Tuesday, May 26, 2009

check em out!

the other day,me and my roommate Alexa got nails and pedicures!!

we found a really nice place in our neighborhood,CHINATOWN!
hmmm i forgot the address ,,,,
thats located ,,,along elizabeth and,,,something...

we got both of them and it cost only about 30$$!!!!!

you hear me?
if you wanna get the info about this store let me know.

i got french nails and look at hers!with a lil flower on it.sooo cute!

after that we went shopping and
we got hungry...

what we got in the fridge?

i got nuddles

i got some scallions

thats all we have???

seems like
then we went to the restaurant close to our apt.
along bayard st

the pork and crab soup dumpling was amazing!!
we were full.

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