Wednesday, May 27, 2009

drinkin does really help our depression???

what ever...
we need to drink
to forget about something...
to feel comfortable
to have fun.,...etc etc

when you feel like drinking,where you like to go?

here is our first bar discovery in chinatown close to the columbus park

lets drink
chinese beer!!!

however,,,i was drining vodca all night ...because i like it.
ohhhh my finlandia!!!!

and the bar is also,,,


alexa asked me to sing!forced me to sing...nonono
i dont feel like,,,NOn NO....i WONT!!!!

she kept asking me again and again,
aite aite

finally i sang 3 songs in total!!
i was totally having fun yo...

thank you guys
i felt much better.

tomorrow is better day

bless you

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