Friday, May 29, 2009

my visitor from japan!

whos this beautiful girl!!!

HANAE in NY!!!

she stayed in NY only one night on business.
weve been known each other since we were 17!!!


i had a tought time with my boy at that time,,
so girl you made my day.

we need to meet MORE OFTEN!! yeah we DO meet sometimes,actually much more often than other friends back in my country.
i just cant get enough!!!


we went out for lunch @Juniors in TS
of course we had THE cheese cake!

oh you ve never tried before?
y9ou better DO!!!

we went shopping around penn station.
that was a lot of fun.

the hotel she was stayin at were
GORGEOUS as hell!!
i got a nie souvenir,which is the thing i cant mention here...
i hace to keep it secret though...

thanks for your ti me hanae.
come and visit me here in NY!!
im dying to meet you

bless you

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