Tuesday, June 2, 2009

first time in philly


did you know that it takes only 2hours to go to philly and come back to NY by bus,


if you use your brain so wisely...you know what i mean,,,

it cost only 2$ round trip!! im serious.

its just like traveling around manhattan,taking MTA right?!

isnt it amazing?!!

oh for sure!!!


first time in philly,i really had a good day,that was only one nigh trip.

i met an awesome singer and performer from this city.Mr soul man!

imet him at sugar bar on a thursday.

he is a host at the open mic at the bar called TEMTATIONS on wednesday,

but it was canceled that day becasue of the graduation party or something.

well,it was aight.,,,we could have fun without it.

we went to the karaoke bar close to temple univ.

its a really nice place,people were haveing fun all night long.thats good.

we did our things yo!!!

we dont need karaoke screen.

just hold the mike.

looking at the people in the eyes.

and sing from the heart ;-)


hey why the DJ asked me where i was from.

does it really matter to you????

because i looked sooooo asian,hello~~~~~????

its okay.

i just want people to hear what i say.no matter how i look.

im just one of the people who love soul music.

thank you dwight!!!and pop!!! and beautiful people i met in philly!!i will be back soon

blees you

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