Saturday, June 20, 2009

first time swimmin!!!

how many time i was said that i looked like FISH!!!

as far as i remember, people said that i looked like

pink fish from the movie sharktail.

Dolly,,,the blue one from the Nemo movie....


do i really look like fish...whatever...

when it comes to swimming, i dont swim like fish.wish i could..

my coworker asked me to go swimming.its been a while....

i didnt bring any swimming stuff which i used to used back in japan...i threw em away.

then i bought brand new one.with a nice hat and a goggle.

i love swimming.i lost alomost stamina and its kind of frustrated but hope i get used to if i keep going.

anyway besides that,its fun to go out with my girls from work.i dont do that so often but i love them.....

check em out...

you know how sexy them look huh?!!! :-)

plus they are smart and funny as hell.guys dont miss out!!!

after that we went to the mexican restaurant around 110th st,called NOCHE.

foods are cheap and delicious.

i recomommend the fruits milkshake,they are using all fresh fruits and soooo tasty ans a lot.

then it cost only $3!!!!

well,,,,eat a lot , burn it and sleep well,

and we keep in shape.

i cant wait for the summer to come!stop raining

god bless you

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