Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Im back!!!

yay yay.

im sooo excited to come back here in philly.
the day before the day i went to philly,i was busy with trying to get tickets,for me and my frined.
he told me that he would be here in NY from philly to get his daughtors dress for the graduation prom ,something like that.
and we could go back to philly together,,,okay,so.,
i said i can get tickets for me and you and your families.
after that i got a phone call,,,hey i dont think i can make it that time,,,so you can go before me if you want...
i will see you there..
i hopped on a bus,all the way to philly alone...
soon after i got there,actually iwas 1hr late,its not my fault ,drivers fault!!
anyway i got hugry,before we go and rock it,we need to feed our tummys!
first time i had cheese steak here.now i m feeling philadelphia!!!
me and mr soul man headed to the bar TEMTATIONS.
it was such a beautiful place!!i love it.
good place to express expose yourself,
good place for networking.
good place to chill
and good place ot get high!
my first performance was soooooo bad.
OMG so embarassing...
but you know,,,aint no where to hide!!
i have to do it,
i have to finish it no matter what happen.
second performace i kinda fixed it.
there are still so many things i have to work on and learn
but im glad that people liked it.
i appreciate every body at temtations at that night.
i migt try some of the cakes out there next time..
they looked sooo delicious...
what happend to my friend????
actually he was supposed to come back to philly by 9pm.
and he didnt show up!!!
in the car on the way we are going home,one of his band member got a phone call.
awww that was HIM
and said
'im on the way to go back to philly'
it was 12:30 AM!!!
DAD seems like ,such a hard job....
the band did a good job without THE BASS PLAYER at that night....
bless you

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