Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the Diner ish club,or the club ish diner???

yo,,do you think that type of restaurants exist????!!
yes  THEY DO!!!

me and my friend Ravage aka meccagodzilla, his friend from japan and the the girl DJ Sarasa hang out together that night.
i joined them @club element and after that we went to another club but it closed,then we went to a diner which was located around 14st and 9ave as far as i remember.

its really nice place and sooo busy..

here is a Question!

Is it the place to EAT


is it the place to DANCE!!???


dont make us get confused please!!!!


its like a night club.there was a DJ and 
music kept going on and on and ON!!!

there she goes!

there he goes!!!

go for it,just be yourself!!

we got totally out of control.i found myself standing on the sofa the next moment.
Forget about the burgers and milkshake.

We have to come back soon.
well,of course we had such a good time.i need to find out the name of the diner though...
what was it yo.

im wondering if there are that type of diners in Japan or not...
no idea.


have a blessed day.
big kisses and hugs from Me

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