Friday, July 17, 2009

my queen LEDISI at central park on June 28th

even the person who looks fine and alright,,,sometimes needs help...
and there must be somebody,,somewhere,,,havs been waiting to give him or her some power.
i was soooo disappointed in me last a couple of dayz.
well,it might me tiny things...
that was the time when i just finished video shoot in Philly and i was soo disappointed in me.i was somehow so nervous on the stage,i didnt think i did my thing.i tried my best though.
its all up to editing skills to make it look better.
but anyway,i got a phone call from my friend in philly and said,actually the video came out good.
i mean NOT BAD..haha

im talking about this GIRL.
i wanna talk about my queen LEDISI!!!
what a wonderful woman!
thank you so much.
i never seen such an funny great talented performer before.
of course i love,i respect aretha,natalie diana ross,i love them alot but i never got a chance to see them in live.only on know.
while you are listening to ledisi,you can hear her from the ipod,but how much of her energy can you feel????
probably only 5% of them.
i felt the same way when i went to see JOHN LEGEND live concert one in Tokyo and the other one here in NY,he sounded much much better on the stage in live.
that was awesome. 

i heard about her recently ,actually im not her fun for a long time.but one thing for a huge fun of her.
i love everything about her.she loves herself,she is confident on the stage.she got SOUL!!!
but jazzy
and funny...
cant stop laughing.
she got message to tell.

this was my 2nd time to see her performance here in NY.last time at BBkig last year,she blew us away!

Her new album is going to be released next month!!check it out!
she sang some of her new songs and some of them from the album LOST AND FOUND.

and she did duet with the young awesome bassist and jazz vocalist Ms ESPERANZA SPALDING!!
i knew about her but she is such an amazing artist too.
i like her songs alot and it made me feel like going to see her another performance soon.

i wanna be an artist like em,
who can give energy sometimes,
,who can give comfort sometimes
who can leave you something warm after the show and make you feel good.

i got home excited...
another exciting thing popped out.
what a huge watermelon!!!
my roommate Alexa got this huge sh**

summer time in NY!!!!

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