Friday, July 24, 2009

sex and the chinatown

so,what's going on in chinatown.
have you ever watched the movie sex and the city? oh forget about it.
this is the REAL NEW YORK LIFE out here.IN CHINATOWN!!!

come and visit us.
come and see what's going on in chinatown.
you will love it.

if you are interested in moving in chinatown,let us know yo.
please contact us

just kidding.

well,,,im so happy to live here with such beautiful roommates.
we don't actually hang out together so often.sometimes we do.
i love them so much.
well,im relieved and glad at least theres no fight between them.
couples always have problem huh?

i m always in the middle of them.
i can understand her feeling coz we are GIRLS.
i can understand him sometimes coz we are JAPANESE.
me and alexa always have hard time to TRAIN this creature,kappa.

i can't wait the short movie and our original T-shirt come out soon yo!
well,i've just started the photoshop class,but it seems like it's all up to me huh

have a nice SEX guys

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