Wednesday, July 22, 2009

video shoot at TEMPTATIONS

hey we are back in philly again.
me and Julie hopped on the bus ,took us about 2hours to get there...i was wondering if she could be in time for

the bus....
thank GOD.we made it.

Today is the day for us to shoot the video!!!!!!!!

now we are at the temptation!

our chorus group name is FIRE AND DESIRE ;-)so far it consists of 3people. me,Julie and Dwight aka Soul man!!

do i look comfortable at stage...hell no,..i was sooooo nervous.
i didn't realize that i was that nervous though...

hope the video come out great.
hope it covers my mistake.;-)

it was my first time to shoot video here .
i was excited and had a good time.
Thank all the band members and stuff at temptations bar
and people who came to help us.
i thank Dwight for giving us such a good opportunity!

i appreciate that!!

Julie went back to NY after the shoot.
i stayed there ,took a rest and later on we went back to the temptation for the OPENMIC.

i like the people's music choice for the OM.
i love old school!
every time i have a great time in philly.
all because of the people out there.

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