Saturday, January 23, 2010

日本帰国旅日記パート1 my trip to japan part1

i was in japan..i cant believe was such ackward feeling,
it took me a while to get myself together,,,funny right...
i met my family,relatives,my old friends and new friends.
this 2 weeks in japan were sooo intense but totally i felt at home,they showed me some love n made me feel like i wanna give some back to them..
i got motivated again.i gotta finish my project here in NY.
there are lots of talent out there yo.they are so outgoing and openmided.i love it!!!



one of the biggest reason why i went back to japan was about my grandmother.
She s been in a hospital since the beginning of last october.she cant eat by herself, she can barely hear and cant speak now.
i didnt expect that i could make it this time.i made it.thank god for lettin me meet her again.she looked beautiful to me n thought she recognize me.

what is the quality of life...people say they dont wanna live once the brain stop functioning u know...
so,,,look at my grandma,,,i got so complicated.i didnt want it happen,she used to be one of the most energetic women back in those dayz.she was such a tough n kind woman.

when i was holding her hands,,,i was just praying,,,god please take my all energy and give it to her...i can easily get some please take it all...

ill never forget that moment ever ...
love my grandma..


i attended the high school reunion of the first time in "slmost" 10yrs,crazy.
it was just CRAZY
we hit the club VELORE latr!!! MSGR clothing promotion party! DJ sarasa rock that night!!!

my bf meccagodzilla in KAMEARI(my hometown) whatch out sun!!!

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