Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Birthday Bash April 30th 2010 みおんせお誕生日会

last friday was such an amazing day for me! i didnt expect that so many people came over to celebrate my bday! such a blessing. i wasnt planning this party well,,, but that was totally successful. i thank god to give me such a blessing.i thank my parents,sisters,all my friends,everybody who came to the party and everybody who sent me sweet messages,i thank ALL.
thank you so much...


if i lacked of YOU in my life,,my life wouldve changed for real...
everybody around me is very important to me,,,helped me grow,inspires me...
i want to be around good energy ...yall are GOOD ENERGY...
i dont want negative things at all.sometimes we cant help getting involved in negative community.its all up to you.
its all up to me.
stay focused! keep showing them love!
once ur goal oriented,,,nobody can bother you,make your dream come true.

its been already a year and half since i moved here, i didnt know anybody at the beginning...
now i know more comfortable with living here. :D
at that day i felt the love.


party started @madame X in soho.
around 11pm...

my old friends G...musician friends bernie,cyril,,school friends,,,junchul,mayumi,bocchi,,
! wow! Divino! radio DJ jorge!awesome producer Jsoul and friends,,,OMEN cowerkers!!!!minna arigato!!!!
singer friends aichan,terri and friends,,
EV,,greg and my people from the 37th studio! Mike,,,u totally held me down! that ice cream cake was sooo damn good!!!
i couldve finished all by myself..
i loved henessy that night ..pretty much...
hope yall enjoyed my raffle time!! lol
thank you!

akina,,,my best friend,,she came all the way from Boston right after work,
we hopped on the car,,,and i saw her at the station,i was like,,,????
yo,,party is over!!!!! lol
i was sooo happy ,we hit up a club BLVD ran into biggie small ..dancing all night,,,such a great time! we hit up cosmic diner ltr on...
party never ends...
my life is a party maybe,,hahah
パーティがおひらきになっていったクラブにはなんとnotorious biggieの映画でびぎー役をつとめたjamalに遭遇。

hey here s one more!
i going finish my EP project. i need your love n support! please look forward to it!coming soon!!!


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  1. i am sooo happy for you fujiisan!

    keep blogging! keep letting the world know how u have some really great great days in NYC! Yo..i gotta teach u how to upload your photos lol! haha when it comes to uploading your future photos...gambare!!!! lol