Friday, October 15, 2010

curiosity about SPACE-art-art-art-art-art-

hey everybody ,how are you?

im chilling,,,
i was at work as usual today we had pretty busy night.
especially today we had an artist TOM SACHS n his guests,12 of them at my table!
i know him and he s very nice all the time so i wasnt worried about anything,,,but i was alil scared if i could handle it or not! lol

how many of you know about him as a artist?

soooo many artists,designers, photographers,models,actors,actress,writers,editers and musicians come to my restaurant because of the location.
im really not good at art.i mean i dont know so much about art,
but it is really interesting and fun to know whats going on in art field......

i got something to talk about music but when it comes to art...anyways..
for real!!
its not too late to learn anything!
you are not too old to learn new things!!
just get motivated!! get inspired!!!!! be open to many kinds of things,
use your eyes,use your ears,use your fingers,use your brains,
this is who i want to be all the time...

so,,,i overheard their convo,,they were all talking about astronomy ,space science and physics....
he s been working on space program!


11:45 is hilarious! lmao.
one of hie famous work related to space program is "1:1 model of the Apollo lunar module.
it is said that it's not accurate,it is not exact the same models but everything looks great and real,and i see his sense of humor too.
you will see his style from some of his famous work,,hello kitty stuff n Mcdonald stuff :D

their conversation really inspired me,
i used to study science at college believe it or not! lol
earth is miracle ,space is miracle,,,,and our brain is miracle too....

back to the story of his career,,he studied architecture at college and
after he graduated and started working at a furniture store in LA,he started using the term ' knolling"

※Knolling is the process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization

now i remember the day when i took a photo after he left after the dinner one day.
that was maybe last winter...i had to take a photo,he arranged the glasses,spoons and
cups in a certain order.
now i understand it!

he was also talking about "bricolage" before....

bricolage is ,as u may know,, is a term used in several disciplines, among them the visual arts and literature, to refer to the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available, or a work created by such a process.
i really like the style.its fun ,it s so exciting,we collected materials which used to have their own function then you re-tools and re-signify into new objects! its amazing...

actually ive started "collage" again...
i dont paint i dont build any sculpture but i really like to do that when i was younger so im happy that i ve started again,,,
ill upload some of my art work when i do it,hope you like th

TOM is such an interesting great artist and i like his personality and his gf a lot!
go TOM GOOOO!!!!!

actually i ve invited him to my show! hahahaha


he looked surprised when i told him that im singing R&B

you will seee....

next time,,,i will talk about other artists...

good night...

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