Saturday, November 13, 2010

last night @ace hotel-qtip&mark ronson!

my friends,,,お友達!

roked my jordan of course!! :D

wow....what a combination!!!!!!
it was my first time to be @ace hotel last night,,since the event has moved there from santos...
it was packed,everybody was hyped up! was a lot of fun...
it was rare to see qtip & mark ronson together it was surprised,,,was it only me who didnt know that,,,hahaha

サントスからこの金曜日のqtipのイベントがace hotelに移ってから初めて行きました。。。
mark ronsonがいるって知らなくて、、、すばらしいコンビを見れて最高に楽しかったです。


やっぱり、、、may winehouse のやつが好きだなあああ。。

i know he is very popular but i didnt kow so much about him...
yeah he is known as grammy award winner in a section of "producer of the year"2008 and many more....he produced so many big names,such as robbie williams,lily allen,amy winehouse,Daniel Merriweathe,christina aguilera,ODB,ghostface wale& 9th wonder and so on,,,omg,,
oh i dint know that,one of my favorite amy winehouse songs "love is losing game"
he produced it! wow,,,

he is sooo talented,...
seriously,,,,he produced different kinds of artists,,,and did a great work..
was so happy to see and hear him last night...


amy winehouse-love is a losing game,,,i luv it


  1. nice blog... and I love the fact that you give Japanese translation in your post. I'm not japanese "lol" but I meet a lot of Japanese students and I admire them for the sense of nationalism that they have..
    not to go off the post lol! I dont know much about him too hehehe
    good luck with your career!

  2. @mecca!

    yea son!!! i love those shoes!!! :)

  3. @stephanie

    thank you so much for checking my blog! i appreciate that!
    i started writing this blog in english because i want many people to read it.not only japanese people,,,,but i was like...why dont i write also in japanese,since im japanese,,,:)
    and i see that you respect our culture and very open,,,i like that...

    i try to write about many things...
    not only music,,but also something else that im interested in( scinence,,work out,,,fun

    thank you again.