Monday, November 22, 2010

thank you everybody!!! i got over 1000views!

see our choir's name on the list?
see u @finale!!yes

another day to go to church...

whats up!

i got over 1000views in total!!
thank you so much for visiting here to read my blog...
i want to upload more photos and want to talk about not only music but also my thoughts about some other stuff that im interested in such as,,,,i dont know,, lol

and i would like to share the thoughts n ideas with yall,,,so feel free to give me some comments if u felt something,...

one of my huge messagse that i want to give through music is


deep true UNDERSTANDING each other...
it doesnt matter where u at,,where u come from,,how u grew up..who u with..

open up your heart.
respect each other..
accept the difference,,
understand yourself...
get inspired...
make progress everyday
keep trying...
learn a lesson if u make a mistake

dont be afraid to love them

feel happy to be loved by somebody

no revenge
try to forgive them...

i have been through so many things,,,but im still here,,breathing...
im blessed...
lets hang in there...
theres hope!

heres a video of my choir practicing,,,

stay blessed


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