Tuesday, December 7, 2010

christmas season....到来じゃな。。

that was this past thursday after the practice with my choir @ our church in harlem,,,
its getting very cold out here in NYC!! like under40degrees!!!!
but im stil surviving!

wow!! look st them,,,
lot of lot of christmas trees are on sale in the street..

chritmas time is here!!
but my life is still same...
its still blessing...

i had a video shoot the other day,,
i will upload the photos next time..

today i was mostly writing,,,
and studying "floerty"
they are my favorite favorite favorite artists!!!
their flow
thier words
i just love them...
when it comes to live performance,,,
another OMG....
they always blow me away ..im always blown away in front of my computer..

so many things to learn..
studying and taking
takes time...
but there s no other choice if i want to get those..


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