Monday, April 18, 2011

video shoot for Lupe Fiasco,,,4/17

i went to the video shoot of a song of Lupe Fiasco on last sunday.
i joined at the 2nd shooting place,which was "greenpoint gallery" in bk.
the studio was very nice.
this is footage from my camera so that yall can enjoy a little bit of what was going on! :D
it was a lot of fun.

先日の日曜日、教会から帰ってきて急に入った連絡。今Lupe FIascoのビデオシュート中。場所を移動します。まだ人数が必要なので、ここに集合!全身黒で!

迷ったあげくいくことに。即効きがえて!即効。greenpoint studio(ブルックリン)での撮影でした。とても楽しかったです。

branches??? nnnooooooo....hands!!!!! lol

we are about to shoot,,,

Needle,Raye6,Ness,NC abram
they were chilling...

i love RAYE6!!!
looking HOT!


i was asking Ivy to join us,,,cuz she was about to leave!
"come o------n!!!" my face,,, lol

yaaay! cant wait to see the video.

everything was such a blessing,,,i thank RAYE6 and ness a lot for passing this info to us,,,
and i thank one more person!Meccagodzilla!!! i cant thank him enough.
me personally i couldnt come this far without him.XOXO

he helped get all us together.and we all had a good time,,even though shooting took a long time.we started around 4pm,then finished at 10pm,,,
but we were like,,,is it already 10??? for real??? lol
shout to Mr Lupe fiasco!
and the shooting crew,Jebari,Mina,Jacob and Needle
thank you so much!
gloria,rye,ness,NC,athina,ivy and other beautiful actors! thank you!
and the noisy DOGGy!!!! lol
what was wrong with him ! he was barking from the bottom of his,,,whatever lungs,diaphragm,bones,,,heart lol,,,,
that was soooo loud!!! :D

and NC was feeding us!peace!

このことを教えてくれたRAYE6に大感謝だし、なによりもすべてうしろでhook upしてくれたmeccagodzilla(マイク)に感謝します・。新しく出会った人ともすぐに意気投合し、長い撮影でしたがあっという間に’すぎました。

later that night @BBking
raekwonのイベントやってて、いってきました!私はそんなヒップホップは知りませんが、曲懐メロって感じでもりあがれましたああ。感激したのはODBの息子のyoung dirt(そんな名前だっけ??)です
髪型も声もパフォーマンスも父にそっくり!!!笑 まじクレイジーさがはんぱなくて爆笑。いいわああ

MIO and Chip FU(originally from Fu-Schnickens) was nice seeing him again.
im on his music video,,coming up! please look forward to it!im excited too
ですが、会いたかったのはこの人。。chip fu。彼のhip hop generalという曲のミュージックビデオに去年の末に参加させてもらって、、、お世話になりました。ほんとにいいチャンスをありがとう。

good night
the sky at that night was so beautiful...i couldnt believe that was one day after the crazy crazy day,,we had pouring rain,thunder,wind and everything!!!!
there was no could in the sky and the full moon kept shining us...

wished i couldved share that moment with the one i love...
it was too beautiful to enjoy it by myself .. :D

peace yall

finally good night

and have a blessed day tmrw

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  1. I've never seen mio dressing in black from head to toe...I think....It's very fresh!!! I like it,anyway;)