Tuesday, May 10, 2011

check my new video-PRAY FOR JAPAN

3.11.2011---- tohoku earthquake and tsunami -東日本大震災
what they had was way more than we could imagine,,,
it was such a heatbreaking event.
May their soul rest in peace.

world has showed us a lot of LOVE.
we still need help.
its time to change the old policy and we have to come up with the new idea for the better future...
we all got to support each other.NOW is the time.

we are living in a moment,living in a world where tomorrow is not promised at all...but dont forget...you are not alone.i want to support whoever needs my help..when i think about myself,,,i think about my friends and family...i ll never ever take yall for granted and i wish yall s best.i wouldnt have been here today without any of yall..
thank you.
world! lets stay connected lets support each other.

thank you all for watching this video.

footage:Japan Earthquake-Tsunami Relief Event- United Hope For Japan4/10
by act for japan
@union square, new york

video taken by meccagodzilla aka ravage

photos by chica soma(she asked as many New yorker as possible for the messages for japan)

song by Mio Fujii (cover-pray-originally sang by justin bieber)

i thank Trackmkh!

much LOVE from NYC!!!!!!

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