Monday, May 30, 2011

happy memorial day!---listening to DJ GOMI san

how was your happy memorial day weekend???
or if you are not in the U.S...
how was your weekend??

it just passed sooo quickly didnt it!!!??

i had a very nice but busy weekend,,,but it was definitely nice..

i have to get up early tomorrow,,,
so before i go to bed,,,i was just listening to this,,,so i wanted to share it with you..

this is
one of my favorite club dance DJ GOMI san s joint...

like its many people s favorite,,one of his album "Catalyst" was always my favorite..
and still is..
明日早起きしなくちゃだからもう寝ます。今、DJ GOMIさんの曲きいていましたので、シェアしたいなって思って。。

thinking about you.....

i wish u best,,

yall have a great day!!!!

peace!!! :D

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