Sunday, May 8, 2011

live,live,live and video shoot..社会科見学ううう

last wednesday @MIC CHECK @times square art center
my home girl Milana May performed at the show.I kicked it with my girl Lucijana! she is an awesome photographer..
she took another shot of me the other day,,,cant wait to show them to yall!!!!:D
MIC CHECKというhot 97主催かなんかのイベントに友達が出たので、見に行ってきました。milana mayという子で、pop もsoulも両方な感じでやってます!がんばれ!

alicia keys???!
yes milana can play the piano and sing....

last friday @websterhall
TWIN SHADOW s performance..
my homegirl juri has told me lot of lot of indie rock bands such as grizzly bears and twin shadow,,,,etc...since i m not familiar with those type of music,it was such a great experience at that night.
he was great .he got really nice voice!!

pains of being pure at heart s performance.
sorry about the quality.
it was packed!!!!!!

juri chan! i love her new hair style! kawaii,,,,good for this coming season!

check out my new panther 3 fingers ring! kawaii desho???!isnt it cute??

hello!! im excited!!! :) that day was hiphop crew from NYC, GREEN STREET s vdeio shoot day!

the shoot was held in a studio in BK,,,house party scene for a song "time wont change us"
it was great! cant wait to see the video!

yaaay green street! good looking ani!!!!
check it out and support them


lastly @my bf s favorite restaurant YOKOCHO!!! the other day
with my friends

jayda & mio fujii(MIO)
japanese girls shot...she is sooo japanese! more than me lol

thank you sooooo much,,,,suahd ,jayda and mike! to come out for my Bday.
its going to be a great great year!
life is tough somehow..
but ill never ever give up..




  1. Happy Birthday again Taurus sis!

  2. arigato!!! keisha!!!!!!!!! yes we got to keep going straight like taurus!