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what we can learn from the history-JAPAN EARTHQUAKE東日本大震災について

today,i want to talk about this,,,,
what is the lesson...

here,i want to introduce yall to this book called,"Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment"

it's a translation of a 2007 Russian publication by Alexey V. Yablokov, Vassily B. Nesterenko, and Alexey V. Nesterenko.
. It was published by the New York Academy of Sciences in 2009 in their Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences series.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation's 2005 estimate of about 4,000 Chernobyl deaths contrasts with this review of 5,000 mainly Slavic-language scientific papers the UNSCEAR overlooked. It found deaths approaching a million through 2004, nearly 170,000 of them in North America.

And at the end i'd like to attach the video of the interview with MD toxiologist janette sherman,talking about this book.
i'd like to review a little bit of what the book is all about.

2011,April 26th,,,its been 25years since the chernobyl disaster occurred.It is said that during 1986-2004,985,000 people died!!!! government reported 4,000 at that time as you could read the particle above.
Nuclear radiation has serious affect on not only human but also all the creature on earth.It is also said that the whole ecology system got totally damaged especially in chernobyl area.
Radio activity causes cancer,that's well known,it damages lungs,heart,skins,DNA and everything.i couldnt believe that almost million people died from that!!!!
and still now,it is said that babies are born unhealthy and they have some kind of Belarus,still now 80% of the children are not well at all...

what about the food! what about the do we discharge the poison once it get comtaminated,it takes 300yesrs to go you know its been only 25years since then. it takes 3 centuries to get rid of everything..people still have been dying.
How do we get enough food for people if the land is comtaminated for hundreds years.But we dont really know what exactly left that is leaking into the ground water and how much in the reactor, because we cant get closer.

what made me really upset was "WHO and IAEA agreement" what kinda agreement is that ,,,for what??? promotion? money??
that was the biggest lies in the history...we need to know that fact even though we have a risk to get panic,
but we need to face the reality and get together and think of the solution.
THIS could wipe out all the species..

now we are still figuring out what s going on in totally against NUCLEAR POWER.and we all have to have basic knowledge of science and got to prepare for the earthquake,and we need to think about other resources to create safe energy.
business people might know a lot about money,technology and everything,,,but do they know BIOLOGY.???..dont forget we are part of the mother earth!!

先日下記に添付したビデオを見ました。これはチェルノブイリの大惨事の事実に書いて書かれてある本について学者のjanette sherman さんのインタビューの模様を撮影した30分のビデオです。驚愕の事実が書かれています。私はまだこの本は読んでいませんがこのビデオを見て、いろいろ考えたあとでレビューをそえたいと思います。この本で書かれてるデータは科学的なものに基づき、かつ、英語にすら翻訳されていない5000にも及ぶ論文や現地の人、当時の人の話をもとに編集されたそうです。当時WHOは死者は4000人と発表していましたが、実際は2004年までに100万人に及ぶといわれています。放射能が内臓だけでなく、DNAにまで及び体をそして生態系すべてを破壊するおそろしい力を持っているのはみなさんもうしっていると思います。放射能にはその機能が半分になる半減期ってゆうのがあるけど、そこから計算すると、すべてなくなるのに300年かかるとこと。あの事件がおこってから今年2011年の4月26日に25年を迎えたそうです。。たったの25年ですよ!!死者はいまだに出てるし、奇形児もたくさん生まれています。実際現場に行って綿密な調査をするのも難しい。

here s the video日本語の字幕もあるよ

and also,,,i want to share something with yall...this is the article that i read the other day,
it's talking about the data of the radiation the scientists from kyoto university got
in tokyo(capital,japan,about 200km far from fukushima) after the reactor explosion.
that was also very interesting document so,i summarized a little bit,hope you could get the idea.

the earthquake occurred on March 11th.on following day,the reactor 1 had an explosion,on14th it happened to the reactor 3,then on 15th, the reactor 2 exploded.
French ambassador warned that there would be the possibility that they might detect low level of radio activity in tokyo area within 10hours...japanese government said it was not a serious problem,here's data of the radioactivity detected by Dr koide from kyoto university.

Bq/m3 μSv/day

I-131 720 130
I-132 450 0.8
I-133 20 0.6
Te132 570 24
Cs134 110 28
Cs136 21 0.9
Cs137 130 23
SUM 210

they detected 210μSv radio activity.
but according to the professor,we can catch only molecule radiation,so we cant catch the gas radiation,so,including the gas radiation,we can assume that we must have absorbed 1000μSv at that time(which is 1mSv)
this is the same amount of radiation we are allowed to be exposed through the whole year.
but we got exposed and might have absorbed 1mSv in one day!!
i see that data is different from those from city government and etc,,but the level of the radiation was definitely way higher than that which was reported...we couldnt really tell how long radiation stayed in that area because of the wind BUT!!!
my question is,, you got this scientific data anyways,,,will you take it easy,
or take it serious...?
as i mentioned above,,,including me,we all need to know more about science,,,
be smart...

what do we need to know now.
what do we have to think about now.
what do we have to learn from the history...

thank you so much for reading this...
hope u could understand what im trying to say,
feel free to give me feedback...

at the end of the day.
i love yall...

god bless you...

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