Friday, June 10, 2011

Heaven & Earth

i just watched one of the most powerful movies today.
Heaven & Earth ....
its a stroy about vietnam war in 60s and 70s,,,
it was such a long war and the whole country got invaded and controled by many countries,including us,japan...
this is something we were not taught much at school when i was younger,,,
but japan did so many bad things to a lot of asian countries...they tried conquering the countries.....
i feel very shameful and just sad.
war creates sadness, lost and make human being with no spirit
war seems to bring happiness to the one side who win the fight but at the end of the say,it doesnt bring happiness and and take all the wellness in the beautiful that we used to have...

who are we..
what are we...

If we talk about ourselves, we can't talk about ourselves without knowing our history and cultures.
We are grown up in the society and history has made who we are now.
According to the part of the movie,,
We should know what we got and what we are left behind.

Life is not always happy...
Sometimes life is so cruel.
Sometimes, we have no choice.
I got really deep grief if I think about what war causes especially children and women and the elderly people.



Lack of education





Sell children






Government always overpower people.
Army s mentality get f*cked up.

Most of the countries seems to have brought peace back to their countries.
Some countries still have been fighting..

Whatever the case you got,
You can't give up! There must be a way to get out of the situation.
All we can do, is just to try the best we can.

This is also from part of the movie
,main girl le ly s mom said that " America came from nothing, we have ancestors n history"
But there's also a reason for what America is now.
It's another history , which created what America is now.

Theres a connection between heaven and earth.
I wonder what the heaven is.
We meet so many people from different walks of life.
We have been through so many things,we all have experienced happiness n sadness.
We go through life and find people and place you like and they become in our heaven
And that's where we want to live..

Finding that connection gives meaning to everything, including death.
Losing that connection makes everything lose meaning, including

This movie got me think of so many things
I've had a little tough time now, and I had a tiny depression.

But, I know I can get through this.

Hope that y'all could understand what I'm trying to say.


this song is called "HEAVEN"from RYU BALCK aka meccagodzilla s album "perfect ten"
Heaven REMIX by RYU BLACK feat Mari & Junclassic by meccagodzilla

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