Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer is here! and mio is here!! shows shows shows

FRIDAY-GO BLIND AFTER WORK PARTY @KARMA LOUNGE...my dancers friends were gettin in!!!! yaaaay

Hello world!!! whats up!!! im still suffering from this life without my lap top!
i need a new one plus i need to get it fixed!!!HELp!!!
by the way,,,
i thank everybody who came out to see my performance last friday! it was a blast and i really enjoyed myself...i feel like i want to do more so bad!actually next one is newt tuesday @bowery poetry club...
anyways,,,i dont have much photos but here are some of them from friday!

Deejay A-Plus
he was gooood!!

tansei(tap)-toko kobayashi!-(all kinda dance-look at her face!! lol)- Mio Fujii aka miosoul-
mika ishikura

mike aka meccagodzilla-tansei-toko-mika

there were so many varieties in the artists such as R&B singer,rapper,comedian and poets.etc...
i performed some songs from my EP...hope people were digging what i was and what i was talking about! i hope that we had good "conversation" :D
dance after the show was fun!
did yall enjoy my secret dance performance...? lol

once again, i thank mike,keith,charlene,chica,abi,yumi,toko,tansei,,,and many more!

SUNDAY-father s day special concert by Pure Worship @bethel gospel assembly in harlem
Izaiah-Mio Fujii-Jerome

that was one of the best moments i ever had,when i was singing,,,
basically im singing all day,,,soon after i wake up and till i go to bed...
but that day was very special.
i thank god,,,
i thank izaiah and jerome
for being patient with me,,,for giving me a chance,,for believing me...
music is part of me,,
nobody takes that away from me...


the PEACE...
mecca&mio @yokocho photo by xarin garuda!

what do i want now???
what do you want??
i know how to find the peace in me...

or im still trying to find the peace in me...

i do fall ..but i get up! cuz i never give up!
i keep trying
so do you...

I'm Not Perfect by J moss and Anthony Hamilton

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