Friday, June 10, 2011

throwback ,,2009 winter,modeling for Nikichin

oh i just found this footage!
that was back in 2009!
shout to COCOchyna!
she hooked me up to the show,actually it was some kinda Xmas party in harlem
(holiday event)
and i performed there,i sang my original songs.
and i modeled too,,,
im the one who s rocking the pinky dress!!!!
the designer is NIKICHIN

she is an incredible designer and i love her clothing line!!
i remember i really enjoyed myself..

oh yeah,,,
WBLS fm was there

well,check it out!
happy weekend!

ima keep praying,,,,wish my family and dearest friends happiness
and i pray,,,
everything s going to be alright,,,mio...

peace yall!!!


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