Wednesday, June 15, 2011

today s already started....but not finished yet...

like my bf always says to me,,,

when you wake up every morning,,,,

there s an open canvas in front of you,,,
you can draw whatever you like,,,in any ways!!

if you life is good,,,no worries,,,just you are with full energy,,,you are just go ahead!!!!
do your thing.

someone might have had difficult time,,and you mighve felt depressed this morning...???

but pause it...

listen to one of your favorite music,,,
have your favorite foods...

and take a biiig breath and close ya eyes,,,

you cant waste your day,just worrying about something...
instead of that,,think what u can do,,

today s already started but not finished...
what we are,,,what we do now create our future...

im saying to myself too...

my show is coming this friday!!
@karma lounge
go blind after work party

free before 7pm
show case 8-10pm
NY people come through
people outside of the states ,just get a ticket now and get on a plane!!! :DNOW

have a great day