Saturday, August 20, 2011

OK! get ready for my next show people!

flyer for the show

Mio Soul

here s my interview....
im not good at interview! lol
but enjoy!

YUME FEST NYC 2011: MIO SOUL from YUME TV on Vimeo.

im going to ROck YUME FEST @public assembly on sep 5th 2011!!!
its on labor s weekend!!!
i want as many people as possible to come out to see me perform!!!
im so excited to perform there!

whatever the music i sing,,id love to put SOUL in it
its is called MIO-SOUL

physical body is important,,i so much embrace my body but
i would be nothing without SOUL!

you will get to see
where i come from!

let goooo!!!!!
dig it??

September 5th(mon) @public assembly in bk,NY

Have a great weekend everybody

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