Thursday, July 30, 2009

here s where i used to live-BROOKLYN!!!!-







LUCKY(laundromat) ;-)


so many memories out there good or bad,,,,just soooo many thing i saw
i heard
i felt
i tasted

now im living in manhattan
but i loved that place..
(kind of)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

the Diner ish club,or the club ish diner???

yo,,do you think that type of restaurants exist????!!
yes  THEY DO!!!

me and my friend Ravage aka meccagodzilla, his friend from japan and the the girl DJ Sarasa hang out together that night.
i joined them @club element and after that we went to another club but it closed,then we went to a diner which was located around 14st and 9ave as far as i remember.

its really nice place and sooo busy..

here is a Question!

Is it the place to EAT


is it the place to DANCE!!???


dont make us get confused please!!!!


its like a night club.there was a DJ and 
music kept going on and on and ON!!!

there she goes!

there he goes!!!

go for it,just be yourself!!

we got totally out of control.i found myself standing on the sofa the next moment.
Forget about the burgers and milkshake.

We have to come back soon.
well,of course we had such a good time.i need to find out the name of the diner though...
what was it yo.

im wondering if there are that type of diners in Japan or not...
no idea.


have a blessed day.
big kisses and hugs from Me

Friday, July 24, 2009

sex and the chinatown

so,what's going on in chinatown.
have you ever watched the movie sex and the city? oh forget about it.
this is the REAL NEW YORK LIFE out here.IN CHINATOWN!!!

come and visit us.
come and see what's going on in chinatown.
you will love it.

if you are interested in moving in chinatown,let us know yo.
please contact us

just kidding.

well,,,im so happy to live here with such beautiful roommates.
we don't actually hang out together so often.sometimes we do.
i love them so much.
well,im relieved and glad at least theres no fight between them.
couples always have problem huh?

i m always in the middle of them.
i can understand her feeling coz we are GIRLS.
i can understand him sometimes coz we are JAPANESE.
me and alexa always have hard time to TRAIN this creature,kappa.

i can't wait the short movie and our original T-shirt come out soon yo!
well,i've just started the photoshop class,but it seems like it's all up to me huh

have a nice SEX guys

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

video shoot at TEMPTATIONS

hey we are back in philly again.
me and Julie hopped on the bus ,took us about 2hours to get there...i was wondering if she could be in time for

the bus....
thank GOD.we made it.

Today is the day for us to shoot the video!!!!!!!!

now we are at the temptation!

our chorus group name is FIRE AND DESIRE ;-)so far it consists of 3people. me,Julie and Dwight aka Soul man!!

do i look comfortable at stage...hell no,..i was sooooo nervous.
i didn't realize that i was that nervous though...

hope the video come out great.
hope it covers my mistake.;-)

it was my first time to shoot video here .
i was excited and had a good time.
Thank all the band members and stuff at temptations bar
and people who came to help us.
i thank Dwight for giving us such a good opportunity!

i appreciate that!!

Julie went back to NY after the shoot.
i stayed there ,took a rest and later on we went back to the temptation for the OPENMIC.

i like the people's music choice for the OM.
i love old school!
every time i have a great time in philly.
all because of the people out there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

my queen LEDISI at central park on June 28th

even the person who looks fine and alright,,,sometimes needs help...
and there must be somebody,,somewhere,,,havs been waiting to give him or her some power.
i was soooo disappointed in me last a couple of dayz.
well,it might me tiny things...
that was the time when i just finished video shoot in Philly and i was soo disappointed in me.i was somehow so nervous on the stage,i didnt think i did my thing.i tried my best though.
its all up to editing skills to make it look better.
but anyway,i got a phone call from my friend in philly and said,actually the video came out good.
i mean NOT BAD..haha

im talking about this GIRL.
i wanna talk about my queen LEDISI!!!
what a wonderful woman!
thank you so much.
i never seen such an funny great talented performer before.
of course i love,i respect aretha,natalie diana ross,i love them alot but i never got a chance to see them in live.only on know.
while you are listening to ledisi,you can hear her from the ipod,but how much of her energy can you feel????
probably only 5% of them.
i felt the same way when i went to see JOHN LEGEND live concert one in Tokyo and the other one here in NY,he sounded much much better on the stage in live.
that was awesome. 

i heard about her recently ,actually im not her fun for a long time.but one thing for a huge fun of her.
i love everything about her.she loves herself,she is confident on the stage.she got SOUL!!!
but jazzy
and funny...
cant stop laughing.
she got message to tell.

this was my 2nd time to see her performance here in NY.last time at BBkig last year,she blew us away!

Her new album is going to be released next month!!check it out!
she sang some of her new songs and some of them from the album LOST AND FOUND.

and she did duet with the young awesome bassist and jazz vocalist Ms ESPERANZA SPALDING!!
i knew about her but she is such an amazing artist too.
i like her songs alot and it made me feel like going to see her another performance soon.

i wanna be an artist like em,
who can give energy sometimes,
,who can give comfort sometimes
who can leave you something warm after the show and make you feel good.

i got home excited...
another exciting thing popped out.
what a huge watermelon!!!
my roommate Alexa got this huge sh**

summer time in NY!!!!

July 11th @central p[ark summer stage 2
look at the crowd!!!
it took us almost 2hrs to get into the park :-)
we missed the eric bobo...
i wonder if he did perform or not...
me ,and my friend anna,who is an editor from sweden and Mike-emcee Ravage aka meccagodzilla
really had a great time.
he used to work with eric.

i really had a good time,,
wish i could understand spanish.
i dont listen to latin type of music but the energy and atmosphere at the park was,,
beyond my description.
artists stage performance and beats were HOT!!
good music.
nice friends.
beautiful sunshine.
cool wind.
mmmm good smell of **** :-)

its summertime in NY

Saturday, June 20, 2009

first time swimmin!!!

how many time i was said that i looked like FISH!!!

as far as i remember, people said that i looked like

pink fish from the movie sharktail.

Dolly,,,the blue one from the Nemo movie....


do i really look like fish...whatever...

when it comes to swimming, i dont swim like fish.wish i could..

my coworker asked me to go swimming.its been a while....

i didnt bring any swimming stuff which i used to used back in japan...i threw em away.

then i bought brand new one.with a nice hat and a goggle.

i love swimming.i lost alomost stamina and its kind of frustrated but hope i get used to if i keep going.

anyway besides that,its fun to go out with my girls from work.i dont do that so often but i love them.....

check em out...

you know how sexy them look huh?!!! :-)

plus they are smart and funny as hell.guys dont miss out!!!

after that we went to the mexican restaurant around 110th st,called NOCHE.

foods are cheap and delicious.

i recomommend the fruits milkshake,they are using all fresh fruits and soooo tasty ans a lot.

then it cost only $3!!!!

well,,,,eat a lot , burn it and sleep well,

and we keep in shape.

i cant wait for the summer to come!stop raining

god bless you

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Im back!!!

yay yay.

im sooo excited to come back here in philly.
the day before the day i went to philly,i was busy with trying to get tickets,for me and my frined.
he told me that he would be here in NY from philly to get his daughtors dress for the graduation prom ,something like that.
and we could go back to philly together,,,okay,so.,
i said i can get tickets for me and you and your families.
after that i got a phone call,,,hey i dont think i can make it that time,,,so you can go before me if you want...
i will see you there..
i hopped on a bus,all the way to philly alone...
soon after i got there,actually iwas 1hr late,its not my fault ,drivers fault!!
anyway i got hugry,before we go and rock it,we need to feed our tummys!
first time i had cheese steak i m feeling philadelphia!!!
me and mr soul man headed to the bar TEMTATIONS.
it was such a beautiful place!!i love it.
good place to express expose yourself,
good place for networking.
good place to chill
and good place ot get high!
my first performance was soooooo bad.
OMG so embarassing...
but you know,,,aint no where to hide!!
i have to do it,
i have to finish it no matter what happen.
second performace i kinda fixed it.
there are still so many things i have to work on and learn
but im glad that people liked it.
i appreciate every body at temtations at that night.
i migt try some of the cakes out there next time..
they looked sooo delicious...
what happend to my friend????
actually he was supposed to come back to philly by 9pm.
and he didnt show up!!!
in the car on the way we are going home,one of his band member got a phone call.
awww that was HIM
and said
'im on the way to go back to philly'
it was 12:30 AM!!!
DAD seems like ,such a hard job....
the band did a good job without THE BASS PLAYER at that night....
bless you