Thursday, June 30, 2011

video shoot for one of my song " I WISH"

here s the link! please feel free to take a look!
it must look exciting to yall i swear!
the video shoot was a lot of fun,,,but it was tough,,,we had two days shoot and we needed same casts.
the shooting was long and everywhere too...
and i m extremely happy that i could finish getting the footage finally,,,
everybody was busy but they did make time for me and i felt the love...
i cant wait to finish editing this video asap!

不言実行 ... 有言実行 | Action Before Words ... Walk the Talk: Mio Soul - I Wish PV - behind the scenes: "A laborious video shoot, everyone really holding it down for the great good, including Just Blaze himself... (shouts to Canei Finch!) ..."




and many more....

I Wish by Mio SouL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer is here! and mio is here!! shows shows shows

FRIDAY-GO BLIND AFTER WORK PARTY @KARMA dancers friends were gettin in!!!! yaaaay

Hello world!!! whats up!!! im still suffering from this life without my lap top!
i need a new one plus i need to get it fixed!!!HELp!!!
by the way,,,
i thank everybody who came out to see my performance last friday! it was a blast and i really enjoyed myself...i feel like i want to do more so bad!actually next one is newt tuesday @bowery poetry club...
anyways,,,i dont have much photos but here are some of them from friday!

Deejay A-Plus
he was gooood!!

tansei(tap)-toko kobayashi!-(all kinda dance-look at her face!! lol)- Mio Fujii aka miosoul-
mika ishikura

mike aka meccagodzilla-tansei-toko-mika

there were so many varieties in the artists such as R&B singer,rapper,comedian and poets.etc...
i performed some songs from my EP...hope people were digging what i was and what i was talking about! i hope that we had good "conversation" :D
dance after the show was fun!
did yall enjoy my secret dance performance...? lol

once again, i thank mike,keith,charlene,chica,abi,yumi,toko,tansei,,,and many more!

SUNDAY-father s day special concert by Pure Worship @bethel gospel assembly in harlem
Izaiah-Mio Fujii-Jerome

that was one of the best moments i ever had,when i was singing,,,
basically im singing all day,,,soon after i wake up and till i go to bed...
but that day was very special.
i thank god,,,
i thank izaiah and jerome
for being patient with me,,,for giving me a chance,,for believing me...
music is part of me,,
nobody takes that away from me...


the PEACE...
mecca&mio @yokocho photo by xarin garuda!

what do i want now???
what do you want??
i know how to find the peace in me...

or im still trying to find the peace in me...

i do fall ..but i get up! cuz i never give up!
i keep trying
so do you...

I'm Not Perfect by J moss and Anthony Hamilton

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

today s already started....but not finished yet...

like my bf always says to me,,,

when you wake up every morning,,,,

there s an open canvas in front of you,,,
you can draw whatever you like,,,in any ways!!

if you life is good,,,no worries,,,just you are with full energy,,,you are just go ahead!!!!
do your thing.

someone might have had difficult time,,and you mighve felt depressed this morning...???

but pause it...

listen to one of your favorite music,,,
have your favorite foods...

and take a biiig breath and close ya eyes,,,

you cant waste your day,just worrying about something...
instead of that,,think what u can do,,

today s already started but not finished...
what we are,,,what we do now create our future...

im saying to myself too...

my show is coming this friday!!
@karma lounge
go blind after work party

free before 7pm
show case 8-10pm
NY people come through
people outside of the states ,just get a ticket now and get on a plane!!! :DNOW

have a great day

Monday, June 13, 2011

if i sing in japanese....もし私が日本語で歌うと

MIO x TrackmKH



its summer time...
lets go!!!!!

Tru love (DEMO) by Mio_TRACKmKH.

Friday, June 10, 2011

what is your favorite LOVE song??

here s one of my songs...
talking about,,,, its you...


I Wish by Mio SouL

throwback ,,2009 winter,modeling for Nikichin

oh i just found this footage!
that was back in 2009!
shout to COCOchyna!
she hooked me up to the show,actually it was some kinda Xmas party in harlem
(holiday event)
and i performed there,i sang my original songs.
and i modeled too,,,
im the one who s rocking the pinky dress!!!!
the designer is NIKICHIN

she is an incredible designer and i love her clothing line!!
i remember i really enjoyed myself..

oh yeah,,,
WBLS fm was there

well,check it out!
happy weekend!

ima keep praying,,,,wish my family and dearest friends happiness
and i pray,,,
everything s going to be alright,,,mio...

peace yall!!!


Heaven & Earth

i just watched one of the most powerful movies today.
Heaven & Earth ....
its a stroy about vietnam war in 60s and 70s,,,
it was such a long war and the whole country got invaded and controled by many countries,including us,japan...
this is something we were not taught much at school when i was younger,,,
but japan did so many bad things to a lot of asian countries...they tried conquering the countries.....
i feel very shameful and just sad.
war creates sadness, lost and make human being with no spirit
war seems to bring happiness to the one side who win the fight but at the end of the say,it doesnt bring happiness and and take all the wellness in the beautiful that we used to have...

who are we..
what are we...

If we talk about ourselves, we can't talk about ourselves without knowing our history and cultures.
We are grown up in the society and history has made who we are now.
According to the part of the movie,,
We should know what we got and what we are left behind.

Life is not always happy...
Sometimes life is so cruel.
Sometimes, we have no choice.
I got really deep grief if I think about what war causes especially children and women and the elderly people.



Lack of education





Sell children






Government always overpower people.
Army s mentality get f*cked up.

Most of the countries seems to have brought peace back to their countries.
Some countries still have been fighting..

Whatever the case you got,
You can't give up! There must be a way to get out of the situation.
All we can do, is just to try the best we can.

This is also from part of the movie
,main girl le ly s mom said that " America came from nothing, we have ancestors n history"
But there's also a reason for what America is now.
It's another history , which created what America is now.

Theres a connection between heaven and earth.
I wonder what the heaven is.
We meet so many people from different walks of life.
We have been through so many things,we all have experienced happiness n sadness.
We go through life and find people and place you like and they become in our heaven
And that's where we want to live..

Finding that connection gives meaning to everything, including death.
Losing that connection makes everything lose meaning, including

This movie got me think of so many things
I've had a little tough time now, and I had a tiny depression.

But, I know I can get through this.

Hope that y'all could understand what I'm trying to say.


this song is called "HEAVEN"from RYU BALCK aka meccagodzilla s album "perfect ten"
Heaven REMIX by RYU BLACK feat Mari & Junclassic by meccagodzilla

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

gone baby gone baby,,dont be loooonnnggg


you have no idea how much i love YOU....

baby you r so sweet...

you know i will miss u,,,

but i know you r going...
i know you got to go there...

but you know how i will feel this time,,,
i cant suffer from this pain,,missing u so much...

but i know you got to go there and do your thing...

baby,,,,i love you....

god,,,,you r the best!

awww, i love this song...

get the album "new amerykah"

yall might like this joint...

thank you for listening!!! have a blessed day

i feel "fresh daily"-happy wednesday

hey !!!how u been???

i couldnt write my blog cuz...

its been 9days since my PC crashed...
i didnt have easy access to internet so,,,
its been a while since i updated my last blog.,,,i know...


well,,it doesnt mean that i got my pc fixed...
sigh,,,i still have to get it fixed...i try to get it done in a few days hopefully...

technology is a curse or blessing??well,lets not talk about that now,lol
the thing is,,,i cant live without it!! lol

so,,,whos feeling FRESH today???
how nice the weather is outside,,,summer time yo...

how s the weather in ya area??
here in NY,,its pretty hot,,temperature is over 90 degrees yo....whoooooa

so feeling FRESH,,,FRESH....

fresh daily!!??

oh lets talk about "fresh daily"
i met him through my bf.
check him out..
he was also in the music video of green street s "dont look down"
i posted that the other day....yall might see him fooling around in that video...

but he is such a talented artist from brooklyn!
he s recently released his new mixtape
"the Quiet Life"
今日は私の友達fresh dailyを紹介。彼はいろんなアルバムだしてるけど、最近だした、このmixtapeをだしたころ
彼は先日とりあえげたgreen streetのミュージックビデオに一緒にでてるよ。
最近はやってるの、このスタイル。あはは producer DJ spinna is a beast!!
oh...i like this mixtape a lot.
just try to take a listen...
i have some photos to upload but i dont have those with me cuz of my computer..:(
be patient :D

i like the whole vibes,,,,nice chilling kinda hiphop but so beats and flows are so dope!just really comfortable..

my favorite ones are,...

just i like it..good to listen in summer time..

brooklyn swag is right here haha.dope flows
he keeps it real,
i mean i really like the hiphop artists(also R&B artists) who really keep it real,,,including my man,,,those people around me are REAL emcees
i respect them.

interlude is nice right.... hahaha

5say yes!
i just might put my hands in the air at his show for real..haha

7art mirrors
lyrics are so beautiful....

11fresh is gone...
yeah this is nice nodding my head yea

13eye contact
i dont know,,,
i love this beats...
i see my self melting ,,,u know lol


enjoy your day!!!!
ill be back